Monday, September 2, 2013

Projects Goals: September

I'm a day late posting this and have an overnight guest coming shortly, so this will be quick and to the point.

To start off, I want to recap how I did with my goals for August. For sure, I am still trying to do to much, but this really doesn't bother me as I just keep creating. That's really what matters.

Goals Met:

1. Alluvia - finished within a week. I will be posting about my Camp Loopy projects this month as a recap.

Alluvia Tote

2. Altocumulus - I did finished the knitting but still have to block it.

Knitting to Block

3. Dessert of the Month - I easily got through June and am starting on August.

Dessert of the Month WIP

4. Garden Tote - it's actually embarrassing how little time it took to finish the embroidery on this. I was pretty mad at myself the day I finished it because I was letting a little thing stall this project. In addition to finishing the stitching, I also have cut out all the tote bag pieces.

Garden Tote WIP

5. East Gable Shawl - finished but not blocked yet.

Goals Not Met:

1. Irene Adler - I didn't start and am probably going to put this one off for awhile. I have another large lace weight shawl on my needles and can't work on two at the same time.

2. Ennoble - I didn't start it.

3. Allis - another I didn't start.

4. Moulin Rouge - ditto.

5. Ranrike - no progress.

6. Driftwood - no progress.

7. Sugar Block Club - no progress.

8. Forest QAL - I didn't make anything for the link up as I couldn't decide on a small project. I really just have my heart set on my original quilt and will be working on that.

9. Road to Round Rock quilt - no progress.

10. Handstitched Mini - no progress.

11. Art quilt - no progress.

12. Dog dish mat - I decided that this project is just not going to happen. It's one of those things that sounds good in theory, but I don't love the idea of it in my reality.

13. Honeycomb mini - no progress.

Now onto my goals for September.

1. Dreambird - get through four of the six skeins of the gradient.

2. Southern Skies - this is a three skein shawl that I want to finish by the end of October. This month, I would like to finish one skein.

3. Camptown Races - I want to start and finish this cowl.

4. Allis - I want to start and finish.

5. Ranrike - finish edging.

6. Driftwood - finish one of two skeins.

7. Ennoble - start and finish.

8. Sugar Block Club - catch up.

9. Road to Round Rock - finish top.

10. Handstitched mini - finish two blocks.

11. Garden Tote - finish.

12. Forest Quilt - finish four blocks.

13. Art Quilt - start.

14. Woodland Sampler - finish frames.

15. Christmas Ornaments - finish one.

16. Dessert of the Month - finish.

What do you have planned for September?

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karakoolkitty said...

Aloha Katie!

You are not in the weeds with your Sugar Block club. I have not even started on mine. I have the fat quarters sitting on the shelf, but all I do every month is print out the lesson and the recipe and file it in the project folder. :)