Thursday, August 1, 2013

To Do First: August

After taking a couple months off of posting a to-do list, I am back with a more defined version. July was a very introspective month for me, and one of the things I determined was that I needed concrete goals. It's all good that I list projects to focus on, but it can be a bit overwhelming if I go into the month with the mindset to finish all of them. It's obvious by now that I don't make short lists.

I do have a bit to catch up on with posting. Once the routine is gone, it's hard for me to get back. But I have photos that need words and drafts written that need photos. Of course, those items don't align with each other. I also have enough FOs to last me at least a month, if I posted one a day. I haven't decided how to tackle them as far as sharing, but by the end of the year I will be current.

So without further rambling, I present my goals for this month.

1. Alluvia - this is a felted tote that I'm knitting for the last project of Camp Loopy. This is the only must finish this month.

Alluvia WIP

2. Irene Adler - a large lace-weight shawl that I just want to start.

3. Altocumulus - a worsted-weight shawl that I would like to finish. I have a good start already.

Altocumulus WIP

4. Ennoble - a beaded scarf that I would like to start and finish.

5. Allis - another shawl that I want to start. It's for a KAL that doesn't start until mid-month.

6. Moulin Rouge - a single skein shawl that I want to start and finish.

7. Ranrike - a shawl I started last year. I want to get about halfway, which would be finishing the border.

8. Driftwood - another shawl that I started last year. I would also like to get halfway with this one, which means finishing up one of two skeins.

9. Sugar Block Club - I have blocks done through March and would like to catch up.

10. Forest QAL - my original plan for the link up will not get finished. I will still be sewing it up, but want to finish a smaller project to submit.

11. Road to Round Rock - I have some of the blocks done on this one. I would like to finish them.

12. Handstitched mini - another project from last year. I have one block done and want to finish two more.

13. Art quilt - I just want to start so I can see my vision come to life.

14. Dog dish mat - a short project that I just keep putting off. I want to start and finish it this month.

15. Honeycomb mini - I would like to finish the top and transfer the embroidery design.

16. Dessert of the Month - this is my new lunchtime project. I finished January over a few days in July and would like to get through June.


17. Garden tote - I want to finally finish the embroidery.

18. East Gable Shawl - I'm about halfway and would like to finish.

East Gable Shawl WIP

What do you have planned for the month of August?

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