Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspiration: Places of Faith

I attended a wedding yesterday afternoon. It was quite nice, which says a lot because I am not usually one to enjoy weddings. The love between the couple was very evident and helped bring up the atmosphere. Maybe because I'm also deeply in love is what made the difference. Whatever the case, this post isn't really about this wedding, or weddings in general.

Sitting in the church, I was taken in by the details of the architecture. This is not unusual for me. I get lost in carvings, patterns formed by brick and stone, the grains of woodwork, and so on. I tend to take many photographs of these details, and did so yesterday, however I will not be sharing them as they are not the best quality. Photographing the interior of a church is a challenge for most people and my digital camera doesn't have what it takes. Besides, I'm going to translate what I photographed into sketches, and hopefully into fabric.

When I find something that inspires me, my mind races with ideas. One of these thing are places where people express their faith. The beauty that results from this faith is enough to just take in. It's even better when ideas come from these expressions. I've felt this growing up and in my travels to other countries. Particularly in Brazil when we toured church after church. My travelling companions got tired of it, but if you go beyond the surface, you would find each church is different from the next.

Enough of my rambling. Here's some imagery for you to enjoy.

Istanbul, Turkey (Source)

Interior of the Taj Mahal (Source)

Interior of the church I was in yesterday (Source)

I plan on sharing from time to time my inspirations, so stay tuned for more of that. Hopefully this week I will have time to dedicate to actually creating something. My weekends are now booked for the rest of the summer and the fall semester is creeping up on me. Must carve out time now, or I'll be sitting on the same projects come December.


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Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite things to do is to visit and sit in a church or temple of any faith! I find them so beautiful and peaceful and fascinating. I think the only type of place I like to visit more than a building of faith is a graveyard.