Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, Hello There

I've always been drawn to the idea of blogging (and journaling, because I am old enough to outdate the blog). Since I could write, I've been recording my thoughts and feelings. I also went through the different stages that blogging has taken, from starting an e-mail zine as a teen, to LiveJournal and MySpace, through to Blogger. This is the third different blog I've had here. The first took too personal of a direction, much like the LiveJournal I had. While I don't mind talking about my daily life, I didn't see a way to change it to be something else. So I started the second, which was a daily creativity log, but I couldn't keep up with the daily posting. Let's face it, as a full time art student who also works and has a house to take care of, I don't find time everyday to work on projects. Hopefully in the future, but not at this time.

That brings me to this one. A log of my life, which is mundane to some, but full of life and learning. Enough rambling on that, however.

A quick intro to the person behind Unconventional Katie. If you haven't guessed, I'm Katie (or Katherine, which I am slowly becoming ok with hearing). I'm 29 and live with my 38 year old boyfriend and our two dogs. I'm back in college studying art and textiles. I work part time for an international corporation. In my free time, I sew, knit, read, paint, take photos (mostly film), play music, cook, and obsess over reality tv.

As far as being uncoventional, I will sum that up as being my quest to be self-sufficient. Luckily, my boyfriend feels the same. We both reject most of modern technology and seek out living our lives like our ancestors in the past.

Feel free to introduce yourselves as well. I would love to connect with others who enjoy the same activities and look forward to sharing a slice of my life with you.

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